Oh my God

Shello and hi there! I’m April. Feel free to follow me @aprilmwall. It’s that time of year again for PitchWars, the brainchild of the incomparable Brenda Drake. For those not in the know, PitchWars is an amazing contest where many, many, many writers compete to get a spot with a writing mentor who will spit shin their manuscript through hard labor and hours of blood, sweat, and tears before unleashing it onto fabulous agents. And this year, I’m trying to pimp myself and get in the game! Well, not pimp myself. That doesn’t sound right. But you know, what? If I had to go that route I would pimp myself because I’m an independent woman and I don’t need a pimp to do my dirty work. Ok, that derailed.

My God what just happened

Get to the good stuff, you say? I hear you loud and clear. I’m obviously a very mature woman who is married with two children who look to me to provide nourishment and wisdom and most days they’re getting at least one of those. I can’t say I’ve been a writer all my life because I let my left brain assure me that I was an accountant or physician trapped in a funny lady’s body. However, when I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands while my husband attended law school, I took up writing to transport myself and my kids to magical worlds and it stuck. A few years ago, I took a step back from writing and Twitter and all my writer peeps because, as with writing, life gets hard. But this year I have returned triumphantly to the world of Twitter and most importantly my writing and I have for you, GHOSTBESTIES!


Eleven-year-old Winnie Birchwood lives for the dead. And if she had her way, everyone else in the world would, too.

When Winnie’s BFF runs off in the middle of a ghost hunt, again, Winnie realizes she needs more reliable help in proving ghosts exist. After a chance run-in with her school’s perkiest cheerleader, Winnie is struck with the idea of starting a ghost hunting club. Her principal agrees, but only for a trial period, giving her a 30-day deadline to get real proof of the beyond or else go back to paranormal obscurity. Spurred on by her guru, Dr. Dugalblerb, Winnie has no doubts she’ll have evidence in no time. After enduring grueling try-outs, only three other girls join Winnie and her bestie, Lillie, in their quest to capture proof of the afterlife.

First up to be investigated is the school’s super haunted basement, at least that’s what all the eighth graders say. When spooky footsteps and cold spots turn out to be nothing more than their gym teacher looking for extra footballs, Winnie is not deterred. They move on to their second location at the local cemetery. But even in a place full of dead people, Winnie and the gang come up empty-handed. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Winnie decides to go rogue, investigating the notorious Monroe Manor with no real plan or teacher adviser.

The girls find themselves in disarray, both equipment and friendships melting down. With the clock ticking, can Winnie convince the girls to try one last time or will it all end up a total ghost bust?

GHOSTBESTIES is what happens when the Ghostbusters meet the Goonies, complete at 43K.


As someone a little more “seasoned”, I know that this industry calls for hard work and patience. I admire so many of the mentors participating in this contest and I know that their excellence can only serve to help me tighten up not only this manuscript but my writing in general. I’m in it to win it and will work tirelessly to make my mentor proud and hone my craft. This is an excellent opportunity and I definitely wouldn’t waste it. I’m ready to be pushed and take my writing to the next level. Having someone take the time to work with me on my manuscript would be a real gift and not something I would take lightly. Plus, I love all the mentors and think they’re very smart, handsome/beautiful, and wonderful human beings.

suck up kiss


1. I’m Romani, or more accurately Romanichal, which most people know as Gypsy. I’m proud of my heritage and hope to bring more accurate information about my people to the world to dispel all the stereotypes out there.

2. I’m a huuuuge Elvis fan. Like no one comes close. In my heart, he’s the greatest singer of all time. I mean, the man was a living legend. Ok, time to fan myself.

3. I love the show Supernatural. I will be crushed when it goes off the air. I’m sure I’m one of millions who feel this way.

4. I’ve done ghost investigations all over the country including New Orleans and Colorado where I’ve spent many quality hours inside the Stanley Hotel (a.k.a. the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining).

5. I’m also a diehard Mumford & Sons fan. I’ve seen them in concert several times and it’s magical every single time. If you squint really hard, you can find me in the crowd of their I Will Wait video filmed at Red Rocks.

Please visit all the other mentee hopefuls on Lana Pattinson’s blog!  Good luck everyone!



  1. I love your pimpmybio. I actually laughed out loud at the suck up kiss gif. Your book sounds like something I would absolutely buy my daughter. Good luck!


  2. Oh my gosh, April – your book sounds hilarious. The humor really comes through in your blurb. BTW – one of my CP’s (Christi J. Whitney) has a YA trilogy about an outcast clan of Romanis. It’s pubbed by Harper Voyager. You might like it. 🙂 Good luck with Pitch Wars!!!


  3. Ghostbusters meets Goonies!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Your bio is delightfully funny. I love going on ghost walks when visiting different cities. Best of luck in pitchwars.


  4. Very cool story idea! I live in Albuquerque and we have a lot of ghost stories around here! I loved watching Ghost Hunters non stop when I was in college. Go MG writers, huzzah!!!! Best of luck to you! ❤


  5. What fun… both your bio and your book. Sounds wonderfully delightful. And I can’t wait for the books you WILL write about the Romani. A whole series even…


  6. I love the ghost-hunting and the “smart, handsome/beautiful, and wonderful human beings” comment. Hilarious, April! But Elvis?


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